The Only Rule of Community-Building: There Are No Rules.

We help your team think beyond the lines to unlock new shots at interesting/exciting/engaging relationships–from serious to silly–for everyone connected to your company. Customers, employees, vendors, advocates, leaders, stakeholders, strangers-turned-loyalists … they all crave (and deserve) some level of relationship with you.
What We Do
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Community Design for Rule-breaking Companies.
There’s harvestable value in a thriving, living, breathing community–value there for virtually everyone, from past employees to potential customers. We’re out to help unleash the power of people, businesses and brands to move the world forward.


I’ve never seen
anything like this,
this robust!
~Fortune 100 Tech Innovator
“I collaborated with the Structure3C team to create a comprehensive strategy and playbook for the IBM Community. With the guidance of Bill and the Structure3C team, we effectively defined our vision and transformed it into well-structured programs and a strategy playbook to steer our initiatives. Additionally, Structure3C led productive implementation workshops, ensuring our team was aligned and had actionable plans in line with the new strategy.”
~Chief Community Officer, IBM
“We engaged Structure3C to develop a strategy for our data science community. The Structure3C team worked with us to understand requirements, conduct market research, and identify our key ecosystem opportunities. Once we had the research data, Structure3C helped us plan and host a large stakeholder workshop to develop a vision and strategy for the data science community and offer strategic support us through a successful launch.”
~ Fortune 50 Tech Marketing Executive
“We hired Structure 3C to help us with Community programs and strategy. Working with them, we developed a Vision, Mission, and Objectives for our programs to carry the vision forward. They exceeded expectations in multiple ways, brainstorming future adoption programs with us, and setting up one of our new hires for success in their community role.”
~ Design Software Leader
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