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When our leadership team was dreaming Structure3C existence, we knew that combining the disciplines of community leadership and design were going to be in the center of the page (actually, it was a whiteboard). The positive impact this work can have for your organization and your stakeholder community is transformational. We bring our collective experience–of our team and our extended network of norm-shaking practitioners–to frame up the community opportunity and get to work.

Here’s a bit about the folks that make us, us.

Bill Johnston, Founder & CEO

Bill Johnston

Founder & CEO

Bill has focused on designing thriving in-person and online communities throughout his career. He designed and launched TechRepublic.com, quickly growing to 2 million members in less than 2 years. He has developed, launched, and led successful community initiatives for Autodesk and Dell, connecting millions of customers and creating upwards of $100 Million in financial impact. While at Forum One, he established the first large-scale conference series for community professionals and pioneered the concept of the “community of community managers”. He has consulted for and advised some of the largest organizations in the world on their community and collaboration strategies, including The Global Fund, Cisco, Salesforce and IBM. He also makes excellent crepes and is a L1 AASI-certified snowboard instructor.

Brian Pagels

Chief Strategy Officer

Brian has spent his career building online communities for influential public and private sector organizations. He’s crafted holistic online community strategies for Salesforce, the National Academy of Engineering, and IBM and trained AARP, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and World Bank staff on best practices in community management. For more than two years he served as community manager for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Alumni Network, and advised United Way Worldwide on the design and growth of their global social intranet platform. By night, he plays guitar and sings in the Brian K & The Parkway.

Brian Pagels, Chief Strategy Officer
Sharon Johnston, Director of Research & Operations

Sharon Johnston

Director of Research & Operations

Sharon shares dual professional passions of user experience research and business operations. She was a founding member of the Autodesk usability team, and pioneered techniques for remote usability testing and global testing. Sharon’s private practice clients included Adobe, MarketMetrics, and Oracle. Armed with an MBA, Sharon keeps operations at Structure3C running smoothly. When not hard at work growing Structure3C, she’s planning whirlwind trips around the globe with her family.



For years we’ve seen the value of organizing Structure.Community, an invitation-based, online mastermind group of community, crowd and network leaders pushing past best practice and developing future-state community experiences, programs, and business models. Join community-skilled leaders from organizations like IBM, Spotify, Starbucks, Levis, Autodesk and Salesforce as we discuss real issues, opportunities and innovation at the intersection of business and community.

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